Think of podcasts as an auditory equivalent of an RSS news reader. They provide an escape from the typical media sphere, offering a varied mix of topics and perspectives. Unlike the algorithm-driven curation of social media, in the podcast universe, the choice rests with you. You create your unique library based on your interests.

Creating a personalized podcast library is an enriching journey, and a step towards diversifying your information sources. The podcasts I subscribe to cover a wide array of subjects – from technology and politics to science, history, Asian studies, and entertainment. Each provides unique insights and stories, sparking my curiosity and broadening my perspective.

All links in the tables below point to the podcasts representation on Google Podcasts. You can also find the same feeds on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and many other distribution services.


Logbuch:NetzpolitikA German podcast about internet politics and digital society, exploring contemporary issues from data privacy to cybercrime.
RaumzeitProvides a comprehensive dive into the field of space and astronomy, bringing science to life for its listeners.
Handelsblatt Disrupt – Der Podcast über Disruption und die Zukunft der WirtschaftExplores disruptive trends in the economy, featuring interviews with industry leaders and innovators.
Broken SiliconDelves into the semiconductor industry, providing insights into computer hardware and the tech industry.
Freak ShowDiscusses everything from web development and software to internet culture and digital innovations.
Lex Fridman PodcastFeatures long-form conversations with guests from various disciplines, often centering around AI and deep learning.


Neues aus der BundespressekonferenzLive recordings of the German federal government’s press briefings, provided by listener-financed media outlet Jung & Naiv.
Wahlkreis Ost – Der Politik-Podcast aus LeipzigTackles regional and national political topics, presenting in-depth interviews and analysis.
Lage der Nation – der Politik-Podcast aus BerlinPolitical podcast provides a weekly roundup of current affairs and politics, with a particular focus on Germany.
theAnalysis.newsProviding left-field progressive news, analysis and commentary on global issues, with an emphasis on economy and imperialism.
Wohlstand für AlleFocuses on economic policy issues and historical context, advocating for social equity and economic justice.
Intelligence SquaredDebate podcast that features experts in various fields, often covering topics related to politics, society, and culture.
Citations NeededCritiques the media, public relations, and the broader culture of neoliberalism.


Kekulés Gesundheits-KompassCovers a broad range of health topics, guided by expert Dr. Alexander Kekulé.
Kekulés Corona-Kompass von MDR AKTUELLVirologist Dr. Kekulé discusses developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The History of English PodcastTraces the development of the English language from its ancient roots to the present day.
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore HistoryDeep dive into history’s most significant events and personalities, this English-language podcast is renowned for its compelling storytelling.
Fall of Civilizations PodcastExplores the collapse of great civilizations, investigating the causes behind their downfall.


Sinica PodcastDedicated to discussion on China and its impact on the world, featuring interviews with thinkers and doers in the Sinosphere.


Der Rechthaber von MDR AKTUELLSelf-description: The podcast is about your legal questions. We talked to lawyer Thomas Kinschewski (†) about disputes: between tenants and landlords, between neighbours, stress with authorities or the insurance company.

All links in the tables below point to the podcasts representation on Google Podcasts. You can also find the same feeds on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and many other distribution services.

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