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I occasionaly write articles to process my thoughts and to share them with friends and family. If you find any article interesting, please comment under the article and share.

Open vs. closed networks

Also available in German: 🇩🇪 Offene vs. geschlossene Netze

A comprehensive overview of alternatives to the most mainstream, commercial social media platforms. The article discusses the benefits of transitioning to open networks and attempts to provide a balanced view on why networks are neither open nor inherently bad (e.g. Telegram and Reddit). Read more.

RSS News Feeds

A thorough introduction into the concept of RSS feeds as a versatile tool to diversify your daily news consumption. Includes reference lists of where to find less commonly known news sources in areas such as politics, tech, entertainment and more. Read more.


A list of podcasts I can recommend. Will be extended soon to share my view on the ideal podcast playback app since Google Podcasts is going to be discontinued in April 2024. Read more.

Complete guide to get a motor scooter licence in Taiwan

A structured guideline on how to obtain the Taiwanese scooter licence. Only applicable for participants with resident visa (ARC) or better. Saturated with links to official sources. Read more.

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